Hall Developments

by Havana LLP


Discovery Bay

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01. Luxury Homes

Starts from USD $675,000

02. Apartments

Starts from USD $325,000

03. Retirement Home

Starts from USD $350,000

Havana Luxury Developments


Havana LLP
Jamaica - London


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Havana Luxury Development
Professional property management and development

Professional property management and development is critical to ensuring the longevity and vitality of your real estate investment and achieving your financial objectives. Havanna Luxury Developments provides active management and integrated resources to preserve and enhance the value of your real estate assets.

We devise and implement a plan that maximizes cash flow and return on your investment, ultimately creating  additional value for you. This goal may seem obvious, but it is a continuing challenge for investors everywhere.

With over 30 years of experience in the real estate market in Jamaica, Havana Luxury Developments can provide you with the local knowledge and expertise to get any job done efficiently and cost effectively.

The Club House

About the Club House

Among our Discovery Bay’s community amenities is a Club House and Infinity Pool. The Club House will include a Pool Table, Ping Pong Table, Wireless Internet, Music System for background music, along with Restroom facilities. Homeowners may make arrangements to rent this space for private functions; a modest rental fee will be required.

The Retirement Appartments

Retirement Appartment

Havana Retirement Home is a residential facility catering to the aged. At Havana Retirement Home our resident’s individual physical and emotional needs are tended by caring trained professionals with the highest regard, respect and dignity.

We cater to persons suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Re-cooperating from surgery, Elderly, Lonely and Couples. We offer short and long term, and semi and private accommodations, We have trained Practical Nurses to tend to our residents every need,
We are located close to all major Hospitals. We can arrange Physical or Occupational Therapy with a licensed Therapist. We provide balanced meals for our residents and adjust as required i.e. Diabetic residents

Lot Layout

Discovery Bay, Jamaica

33,709 m2
29 Residential lots (21,164 m2)
1 Apartment lot (2,577 m2)
1 Retirement lot (1,130 m2)
1 Common amenities lot (731 m2)
A green area lot (968 m2)
1 Industrial zone lot (2,245 m2)
Streets and sidewalks (4,894 m2)


Cardiff Hall